Lullaby Cushion
  • Lullaby Cushion
  • Lullaby Cushion
  • Lullaby Cushion
  • Lullaby Cushion
  • Lullaby Cushion

Lullaby Cushion

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We have teamed up with the amazing Lullaby Trust charity to offer these lovely keepsake cushions.  Just send us at least two baby grows and we will....

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We have teamed up with the amazing Lullaby Trust charity to offer these lovely keepsake cushions.  Just send us at least two baby grows and we will transform them in to these cute little cushions as a reminder of you child's babyhood.  The cushions have four patches on the front and four on the back, with a white cotton border.  They are stuffed with soft toy stuffing, making them nice and squishy. 

The Lullaby Trust provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies, emotional support for bereaved families and raises awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  For every cushion that is purchased we will donate £2 to the Lullaby Trust, so by purchasing one of these cushions you are not only getting a wonderful keepsake, you are also donating to an extremely worthwhile charity.  For more information please see their website here.

We can embroider one of the patches of the cushion, with a name, for example.  The exact amount of text we can get on generally depends on the length of the individual names.  If any of the names or words is particularly long then we may need to embroidery on to a separate piece of cotton and appliqué it to the top of the cushion - but we will contact you if we think this might be necessary.

There is the option to add a special pocket containing a little re-recordable sound device.  This means that once you receive your cushion you can record your own message and pop it back inside, so that whenever the cushion is pressed it plays the message or recording.  They can be removed and re-recorded as much as you like and are kept in a little velcro pocket inside the cushion.  

The cushions are approximately 22cm square.  The inner is not removable but they can be washed (do not tumble dry).  The exact washing instructions will depend on the fabric you have sent us.  If you would like a cushion made using our fabric this is possible but you will need to contact us to request this.  After you have selected the options and checked out you will get a confirmation email containing postage instructions.  Once we receive the clothing it will take about 3 weeks to complete the order and send it back to you.  

Pattern is by LoveKeepCreate Ltd.

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Wow, amazing quality and looked fantastic. Was better than I expected. Would definitely recommend and received excellent customer service with quick response. Great job

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Lullaby Cushion

Lullaby Cushion

We have teamed up with the amazing Lullaby Trust charity to offer these lovely keepsake cushions.  Just send us at least two baby grows and we will....

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We get a lot of questions about the clothing which can be used.  This should answer all your questions!


Types of clothing.  We use baby grows as a guide for numbers of items (below) but you can send us pretty much any clothing.  We can work with all kinds of materials - if they are delicate/knitted then sometimes we back them with another fabric for stability.  We struggle to work with very chunky knits and we can’t use plastic rainwear or swimwear.  On the whole we can do most things, however the wider the variety of fabrics the less ‘uniform’ the finished item will look.

Number of items.  As a guide to what to send in we ask the for equivalent number of babygrows.  This assumes babygrows that are approximately 0-6months.  If they are tiny babygrows, vest, tops, trousers etc then they would count as half a babygrow.  Equally, if the items are much bigger babygrows, or dresses with quite a bit of fabric to them etc, then you may be able to send less.  Generally we would say it is better to send slightly too much than too little. 

Notes.  Please do tell us in a note with the clothes which are the favourites, especially if you are sending more than we’ve asked for, so that we can make sure they appear prominently on the finished item.  Please do tell us if you want a bit of everything using.  If you don’t, and we don’t need it all, then we will make a decision about what to use and will send back any uncut items.  Similarly, it is really important to let us know if you are sending in certain items which are particular favourites, or if you want bits of detailing etc using in a particular way.  We will always do our best to adhere to these requests, although it may not always be possible.  

Quality.  Obviously the most worn items of clothing are often the favourites and we love these.  However, please be aware that the more stretched/worn/washed something is, the more delicate the finished item will be as stitches are more likely to pull into little tiny holes on seams.  Also, more won/stretchy fabric tends to look more stretched – obviously!  This doesn’t mean it is over-stuffed, it is just a consequence of the fabric.  We think it still looks lovely, but you just need to be aware that it may look more different to the pictures on the product pages.  There are lots of customer photos on our Facebook page ( so please do look there for more real life examples.  We strongly encourage customers to look at the customer photos  so that you can get a good idea of the variety in appearance of the products. 

Offcuts.  We do keep remnants of fabric for a short amount of time after dispatching your order, so if you aren’t happy, or want something back, you need to tell us quickly.  Once your order is dispatched then we usually recycle remaining fabric within a few weeks.

How do I send them in?  Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email with postage instructions.  Please follow the instructions!  It is really important to make sure the order reference and a senders address is on the outside of the parcel.