Like it or not (frankly, we LOVE it), Christmas seems to start earlier every year. But for us here at the LKC Workshop we really start planning Christmas early as this is the time of year lots of you start planning what will probably be one of your nearest and dearests most loved Christmas gifts.

Gifts with that extra-special personal touch have never been more popular and we work hard to help you create the wonderful, memory-filled keepsake items you dream of. It takes time for you to choose the precious clothing you want to send us and a little more time for us to create your wonderful personalised keepsakes. So here’s all the information you need to make 100% you receive your keepsakes back well in time for Christmas Day.

We’ll be sending LOTS of Christmas gifting ideas and surprises out over the coming weeks so make sure you’re signed up to receive our emails here.

We've put a selection of Christmas Keepsakes below and if you have ay questions either email us at or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages. We’re happy to answer any questions on personalisation, timing or anything else.