Keepsake Cushions 

  • £ 45.00

    Our beautiful keepsake cushions are a wonderful way to get the most precious of your little one's old baby clothes on display.  Match them with one of our quilt...

    £ 45.00
  • £ 35.00

    Our keepsake Grandad cushion is a really lovely way to hold Grandad (or Dad) close.   We often have very special items that people struggle to know what to do w...

    £ 35.00
  • £ 54.50

    Photo cushions are a fantastic way to create unique keepsakes, laden with the memories that mean the most to you.  We can add photos to our standard cushion that measures 50x50cm.

    £ 54.50
  • £ 25.00

    We have teamed up with the amazing Lullaby Trust charity to offer these lovely keepsake cushions.  Just send us at least two baby grows and we will....

    £ 25.00
  • £ 25.00

    Our lovely handmade hearts have a special pocket containing a little re-recordable sound device.  This means that once you receive your heart you can record your own message and pop it back inside...

    £ 25.00

Sometimes it can feel so hard to know what to do with your beloved old items of clothing. At LoveKeepCreate we strive to make your family’s old clothes into lovely keepsakes, including a wonderful range of cushions. Made from any fabric, these cushions are the perfect adult keepsake to give a loved one as a cherished memory. Coming in a range of different sizes and styles, our cushions can also be embroidered with dates of birth, or other special messages from loved ones.

These cushions can take between six to eight weeks to produce. Just send us your beloved items of clothing, the number of clothes required for each cushion us recommended on each individual product. Make these cushions even more special by adding in some of your own photographs or add some of our own fabrics to give it an extra luxurious feel. All of our cushions are handmade in our Devon workshop