Baby Clothes Keepsakes

So many of us have them, don’t we? That box in the attic, or under a bed. Clothes, no longer needed but packed full of memories, ones that you just couldn’t sell or give away. We can develop such strong emotions to the clothes our loved ones have worn, especially those first tiny babygrows.  Items which may not have been worn for long, but which mark really significant moments in a little life. Our keepsake animals, quilts, blankets and memory bears are an incredible way to get those clothes out from the box and back on display.  Lovingly crafted in our Devon workshop by our talented team of memory makers, our keepsake memory bears and other animals are beautifully made and presented. 

You simply choose your options, send us in the clothes and we get to work.  It usually takes about six to eight weeks and requires the equivalent of four babygrows for a standard size keepsake, or eight for a large.  We can even weight some of the items to the birth weight of your baby.  There are lots more details on the individual product pages and we can of course make them from pretty much any material, such as school uniforms.  And yes we do make them from adult clothing too – if you are interested in this please pop over to our Grown Up Keepsake pages.

Baby Clothes Keepsakes


Price £55.00

Our gorgeous classic memory Bear is one of our most popular items and a really timeless way to treasure the clothes you can't bear to part with.  It comes with...

Memory Blankets

Price £65.00

Our lovely Memory Blankets are made from the most cherished of your little one's old clothes and can have up to 45 characters of personalisation embroidery adde...

Keepsake Cushions

Price £45.00

Our beautiful keepsake cushions are a wonderful way to get the most precious of your little one's old baby clothes on display.  Match them with one of our quilt...

Wedding Keepsakes

Price £145.00

So many of us have treasured wedding dresses and outfits in our wardrobes, which we can't quite bear to part with but know that we'll probably never wear again....

The Daddy Dress®

Price £35.00

The Daddy Dress® is a totally unique gift.  Your little girl's dress made from her Daddy's (or Mummy's, or Grandad's) favourite old shirt.  This is a must ha...

Keepsake Set

Price £52.50

Want to gift someone of of our luxury keepsakes but don't have the clothing?  Our lovely Keepsake Sets are an amazing way of giving our unique keepsakes to y...

Gift Vouchers

Price £5.00

Our gift vouchers are an amazing way of giving our unique baby clothes keepsakes to your friends and loved ones.  The perfect present for new parents, Christ...


Price £45.00

Our original cheeky monkey is one of our signature designs and incredibly popular.  Made from the most cherished of the clothing you...


Price £50.00

Our gorgeous dragon with his beautiful smile and cute button nose is one of our most popular keepsake styles.  Made from the precious items of clothing you can't...

Luxury Memory Quilts

Price £145.00

Our lovely Luxury Memory Quilts are a stunning and timeless way to treasure your beloved old clothes.  Made using traditional quilting methods...

Photo Cushions

Price £54.50

Photo cushions are a fantastic way to create unique keepsakes, laden with the memories that mean the most to you.  We can add photos to our standard cushion that measures 50x50cm.